Want to live like the Royals? Jaipur has the best offering for you

Have you ever dreamt of living like a royal or imagine as to how royals lived? If yes, then we have a solid recommendation for you in order to experience it yourself. We are talking about the 300-year-old City Palace, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. For the first time ever, the Royal Family of Jaipur has opened up their home for you to sleep in.

Wondering how you’ll stay in the palace?

You’ll be able to book a room in the City Palace just like you book a hotel room online. The gorgeous Gudliya Suite is now listed on Airbnb’s website and can be all yours with a single click.

Interestingly, His Highness Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh has become the first Maharaja to offer a stay at his palace on Airbnb.

City palace has its own rich history

The 300-year-old palace is home to Jaipur’s Royal Family. It has played host to numerous guests over the centuries. It is located in the heart of the pink city and is one of India’s most iconic buildings.

The Gudliya Suite is located within one of the private sections of a royal palace. Before getting listed on Airbnb, it was used for the royals and their special guests. The Suite will include its own lounge, kitchen, luxurious bathroom and a private indoor swimming pool.

What does the Maharaja say?

According to a report in Travel Daily Media, the Maharaja said that he is thrilled to be associated with Airbnb. He now wants to bring the splendour of Rajasthan to life for travellers around the world.

“My own travels with Airbnb have always made me feel special. They’ve made me feel very welcome in new cities around the world. I am happy that the experience of quintessential Indian hospitality will now be shared with others,” said the Maharaja.

A beginning for a noble cause

The Royal Family have got themselves associated with Airbnb for a very noble cause. We say this because proceeds from each booking will go the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to supporting women in rural areas and artisans in the state of Rajasthan.


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