Want to explore Goa? These off-beat experiences need attention

explore Goa

There is so much more to Goa than we know

Think of Goa and all that comes to your mind is loud music, crowded beaches, tattoo parlours, and beer. Well, all these facets are there but do not just assume that Goa is only about these things. There is so much more to Goa than we know – step out and follow this list.

The Goa carnival

Well of course, there is the Goa carnival which one can witness once a year. This is a colourful extravaganza in Goa, and there is a wave of people flocking the streets of Panjim which transforms the entire city into one long party. This is also a four-day fiesta of eating, drinking and being merry – and can be the perfect opportunity to understand the Goan culture and its pomp.

Kayaking in Spike’s River

Waddle through the Spike River which is located in the mangroves of North Goa and then be prepared to witness the wilderness. And, pray that you are lucky as then you will be able to spot a variety of flora and fauna which include kingfishers, mud crabs, egrets, herons, and fruit bats.

The Delicious Poi

Not everything about Goa is about sea food. Well, the Goa experience is incomplete without the traditional poi bread. An amazing circular whole wheat preparation which can be stuffed with anything you want. So, now head across to Mapusa market and enjoy the aroma of freshly baked Poi.

Crocodile Watching in Cumbarjua

Have a wild free-spirit streak in you? If yes, then head out and go on a wild adventure at the Cumbarjua canal which connects the two main rivers of Goa – Mandovi and Zuari. Here you will have an opportunity to get up close and see the crocodiles chilling in their natural habitat.

Well, these are the offbeat experiences which need to be explored in Goa as the place is so much more than beaches, loud music, and parties.

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