Travelling abroad? Know about these mistakes you might make before you travel

traveling abroad

International trips are always exciting as it gives you a chance to explore a new place. You can always interact with locals and learn more about the world. However, you should always keep in mind that the things you get away with in India may be illegal in the country you are planning to visit. We are advising that it is important to do a thorough research beforehand.

Here are some ways in which you can be busted in these countries:

Feeding birds

We Indians like to feed birds, but if you are travelling to European countries then we beg you please don’t do that. You may be heavily fined for it. Since it is considered to be a hidden expense in European countries they don’t want you to throw bird food on streets. If you still want to feed birds then be prepared to shell out hundreds of Euros.

Public Display of Affection

There are many conservative nations in the word (including India) where public display of affection is considered to be immoral. However, United Arab Emirates is very strict about it. You may be fined, deported, or made to serve jail time, if you are caught indulging in PDA.

Running out of gas

Germans take their road rules seriously. So, if you are in Germany make sure your vehicle’s fuel tank is full at all times. If you don’t do that then you can be fined up to 70 euros, that roughly means Rs 5,500.

Being in the nude

Being nude is of course considered as public indecency and it means you cannot walk around naked wherever you feel like. However, in Singapore, you’ll have to be extra careful, what we mean to say here is that you will have to exercise caution even when you decide to be in the nude inside your own house, too. If you are exposed to public view, you may be fined up to 2,000 Singapore dollars or three months in jail

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