Travel on your mind? Here’s are five offbeat destinations you must visit

Sometimes in order to escape from the busy lifestyle, travel is the only option that comes to mind. Travelling is an essential part of life. It just enhances your energy and you feel happy and rejuvenated. Talking about millennials, they are considered to be seekers of wholesome experience. So if you’re a millennial and planning to travel then these places should be on your list for enhancing travel experiences:


It is a city in Nepal and is often called the tourism capital of the country. The city serves as a gateway to the famous Annapurna circuit and it one of the most exciting paragliding destinations in the world. It offers beautiful views to its tourists. There’s a reason why it is also called the Adventure Land of Nepal. So if you are adventurous then Pokhara should definitely be on your bucket list.


A very few people might have heard the name of this small town. Munsiyari is a beautiful town in the Himalayan foothills in Uttarakhand. Its enchanting natural beauty and pristine surroundings will leave you awestruck. Since the winter has already arrived, this place will slowly turn into snow heaven. The place is good for trekking, camping and mountaineering. This is the best time to visit this place.


It is a beautiful winter destination where thick snow blankets the entire town. It is situated in Uttarakhand and is an offbeat retreat for those looking for skiing opportunities. It also offers panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks and one can also visit Joshimath, a place of religious significance.


If you are a nature lover then you should definitely visit Wayanad. Along with the beautiful surroundings, the place will also offer unique cultural experiences. Wayanad is situated at a distance of just 76 kilometres from the beaches of Kozhikode. The place is atop the Western Ghats and enclosing part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve makes it the most beautiful district in Kerala.


In India, our northeastern states largely remain unexplored. Tawang is a beautiful destination tucked away in the serene untouched beauty of northeast India. It is Arunachal Pradesh and is a must-visit travel destination. It has everything to offer, from gushing waterfalls to snow-clad peaks. In winters, this place turns white and mesmerises the visitors with its amazing beauty. If you plan to visit Tawang, make sure you don’t miss to visit the 400-year-old monastery.


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