Three beautiful Himalayan villages you must visit

Three beautiful Himalayan villages you must visit

Three beautiful villages which will give you perfect getaway from the swirling dust and storm of the plains.


Are you thinking of planning a trip during the winter vacation? Well, what better option than Himalayas? We have curated a list of three amazing Himalayan villages you should visit this vacation. Check out:


Chatakpur is a small hamlet and an eco-village located atop an elevation of almost eight thousand feet above sea level. It is set amidst the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary of Darjeeling district, and this makes it a bio-diversity hot spot of enviable nature.

In this amazingly lush place, there are various jungle trails and one such leads to a small sacred water body called the Pokhri while another trail takes us hiking through the Senchal Forest to reach the Tiger Hill of Darjeeling.

Stand atop and witness the magnificence of Eastern Himalayas (especially the Kanchenjunga peak).


This is another one of those small Himalayan hamlets which is primarily known for its roadside tourism park. It is also a beautiful forest area laid out on the hill steps and is organised in such a way that it allows tourists to hike up easily and reach the pinnacle.

As far as the name Lamahatta is concerned, it means a hermitage for a Lama (i.e., a monk’s hermitage). And, well, the tourism park of Lamahatta is astounding to say the least. Lamahatta has peace, silence and serenity for its tourists.

Lava and Rishyap:

The twin Himalayan hamlets are situated extremely close to each other and can be accessed from one other by trekking. They are both located well over seven to eight thousand feet above sea level and are covered in lush green vegetation.

Both Lava and Rishyap are stunning in their ambience and offer several hiking opportunities. After gliding through the terrain, there is a lovely monastery in Lava, a perfect abode to find calm and rest.


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