The main thing that is at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts is the thing that to do once this is all finished. The second we are venturing out of the lockdown when things return to ordinary, we are stuffing our appearances with samosa and pani puri, visiting our fave bars and cafés, meeting companions, and doing 32533534 different things. While we unequivocally plan to remain at home to ensure the lockdown isn’t additionally reached out, there are a modest bunch of things we unquestionably need to never under any circumstance do after these horrendous occasions! Peruse on and mention to us what’s on your rundown.

Lining Up For Grocery

Remaining in a line to get milk or to purchase vegetables or staple goods is only an off limits. For a large portion of us advantaged people, there haven’t been numerous battles aside from these things. Notwithstanding, we are not wanting to return to that!

Underestimating Stepping Out

All the sluggish bones out there, who have dropped huge plans before, discarded companions, and remained at home, how about we never underestimate the benefit of venturing out for allowed.

Wearing Pants

This one tops our rundown. Such a lot of remaining at home and WFH business have made us discard pants for good as well as a slight bit frightened to return to sprucing up for work. Telecommuting in PJs is the new medication and we are so high on it. PJs for President!

Eating Maggi and Other Processed Foods

Indeed, even with a completely stacked kitchen, cooking each day hasn’t been an energizing thing while we remain at home. For those, who depended on Maggi and other prepared food, returning could never go back. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus and lockdown, you should avoid eating these things.

All the Household Chores

On the off chance that a word clarifies our assessments for family tasks right now, it is DONE! We are so finished with cooking, cleaning and clothing while at the same time dealing with a full-time WFH schedule. We need our home assistance Didis and Aunties back soon! Besides we are multiplying their pay rates.


Regardless of the amount we underscore on this one, musings of being stranded in rush hour gridlock in the wake of remaining at home for such a long time gives us chills. We don’t have it in us since the lockdown began after the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Contaminated Environment

They state there’s a silver coating behind each foreboding shadow. The earth is mending and we would like to keep it that way.

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