Strange! Alien enthusiasts flock to see huge Buddha statue in Thailand. Here’s why

Buddha statue

Khao Kala – which translates to “City of Heaven” is only 3-hour-away from Bangkok and has turned into a hotspot for alien enthusiasts


Something bizarre is happening around us – reports have emerged of several alien enthusiasts from around the world about visiting a remote hilltop situated in Thailand in order to pay a visit to a huge Buddha statue. The primary reason behind the same is the fact that they think the statue is the key to establish communication with aliens.

Khao Kala – which translates to “City of Heaven” is only 3-hour-away from Bangkok and has turned into a hotspot for alien enthusiasts, as per reports on CNN. As per them, the large Buddha statue will help them to communicate with aliens – telepathically.

Not only this, there is also a small group of locals who speak about the fact that they have received messages from aliens, as per a report on Insider. As per the group, these messages started coming in when a man claimed in 1997 that he has received mental messages from aliens.

Even after his death, his family members claimed that they have regularly received messages to keep the communication alive. Not only this, they have also created social media profiles where the believers post alien-related updates, photos, and videos.
Well, the family also describes that the aliens they have encountered are slender, little, and silvery humanoids, as reported by CNN. Also, they added that they have a bald head and pointy face topped with an antenna. Not only this, they also claim that they stand upright on two legs and have two arms too and that, they have huge, glossy, and almond-shaped black eyes.

Now with people flooding the place, local authorities are facing huge problems. With rising numbers of tourists flocking to the place, government officials have their work cut out and are trying to block huge gatherings. As things stand right now, the authorities have allowed people to visit the Buddha statue but they are not allowed to stay overnight.

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