Spooky places in Goa you must know


Goa is not all about beaches, clubs, shacks, coffee houses and it is much more than that. Many of you might not know that there are haunted places in Goa as well. The lush green party capital of India might just turn a tad darker if you visit these places. They are not just places but spooky places and if you’re that risk taker and visit these places, you’ll see a very different side of India’s most loved tourist destination.

Here’s the list of places:

Borim Bridge

Borim Bridge in Goa is said to be haunted and is one of the most haunted place in Goa. It is said that people have seen a woman jumping down the river while driving on the bridge. Spooky, isn’t it? Reportedly, few people who stopped their vehicle in order to help the woman found her sitting in the backseat.

Three King Church

It is believed that in this church two kings were killed by a rival king, however, he poisoned himself shortly after murdering the two kings due to public pressure. According to the legend, this church is haunted by the spirits of the three kings ever since then. Locals and visitors say that they keep hearing strange noises.

National Highway 17

Commonly known as the Mumbai-Goa Highway, the NH 17 is known for much more than the scenic drive that it offers. People believe that this highway is haunted by hungry witches and ghosts.


Baytakhol is known for a supernatural experience. Drivers claims that they see a woman in the middle of the road while taking that route in the night. It is advised that a person shouldn’t stop the car and looking back at it once you cross it. Many accidents have taken place in the vicinity.

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