Shacks vs Pubs: What You Should Expect When You’re Visiting

Shacks vs Pubs

Goa has always been an amazing experience for me. Be it hopping from one shack to another or dancing in pubs till the sun came up, it offered a perfect vacation place. I’m sure your experience must have been similar. Goa is the place where I just go to unwind and chill. However, due to strict bosses and overloaded pipelines of work, we barely get to spend any time vacationing. In such cases, I make sure I prioritise my travel and visit the places where I would without a doubt enjoy a hundred percent.

Goa offers two lifestyles which are drastically different: The amazing shacks on the beach and the crowd-pulling pubs full of music. When you’re on a short trip, it’s important to know what you’ll get in both these places so you can choose which one to opt for.

The Amazing Shacks

Sitting on a shack, sipping chilled beer and staring at the infinite sea always felt tranquil to me. That view is probably the most beautiful thing in the world. I didn’t just find the shacks relaxing but they were budget-friendly as well. A pint of beer barely costs a hundred bucks. That’s one of the reasons why everyone, I bet even you, wants to just settle in this beautiful city.

The crowd of shacks is decent and minding-their-own-business kind. You’ll see many tourists basking and enjoying their drinks. They’re usually in no mood to interact and are there to find their peace. They are there to observe the waves, read a book and maybe try a water sport or two. When you’re chilling in a shack, life just seems to slow down, in the most beautiful way it can.

The Crowd-Pulling Pubs

The reason you have heard that Goa offers some life-experiencing nightlife is its pubs. The hot and happening pub night of Goa is something which no other city offered me in India. While the shacks gave me the peace I desperately needed, the pubs of Goa woke me up from that solitude and put the best party I had ever seen right in front of me. The music was loud, the crowd was crazy and the liquor was flowing like water. As I was alone, the pub I went to turned out to be an amazing place to mingle. Sure there were entry charges and the liquor was significantly expensive as compared to cheap shacks but as I love music and found a great company to enjoy it, it seemed all worth it. By the way, the food here tastes way better than shacks.

Now that you know where you’ll get what, your next Goa trip will certainly be the best experience of your life. Be it the serene shacks or the happening pubs, Goa never disappoints. All you have to find is, what makes your heart go berserk.

I have found my hangout spot of Goa, have you decided yours?

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