Road Trips: Scenic Road Trip Routes To Satisfy the Wanderer In You

Road trips

Tired of the boss giving GYAN every other day? Ditch the office for a few days so that you fill your lungs with some fresh air of open roads. Let’s go on some road trips.

There is no doubt that mountains are the best options for taking a road trip but the settling winter and snow that comes with drop in mercury mean the mountains might be inaccessible.

Still there are so many scenic routes which can get you what you are looking for.


Here are some of the best road trips routes during winter –

1. Delhi to Mandawa
Distance: 256 km
Route: Delhi-Gurgaon-Jhajjar-Chirawa-Jhunjhunu-Mandawa

Thinking about escaping the bustling national capital? Head to this tiny town where history breathes – Mandawa. A town steeped in history that is visible from its grandiose forts, havelis, and monuments. Mandawa is also an exaggerated show of Rajasthani folk art.


2. Mumbai-Rann of Kutch
Distance: 932 km
Route: Mumbai-Ankleshwar-Vadodara-Bhuj-Kutch

One of the longest road trips in western India, Mumbai to Rann of Kutch route will first take you to some of the least explored coastal regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The destination is as good as the road, the long expansion of salt plains at White Rann of Kutch hosts new year celebration in the desert.


3. Bengaluru-Munnar
Distance: 478 km
Route: Bengaluru-Hosur-Krishnagiri-Salem-Udumalpet-Munnar

Thanks to the abundance of evergreen forests and the tea estates of Munnar, this route is very well known for its scenic beauty. Winding through the Nilgiris, the road will certainly throw some adventures at you. But do not back away for it has all you need to satisfy your wanderlust.



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