Reasons why you should plan a trip to Kashmir immediately

travel to kashmir

A famous poet had once said that if there is heaven anywhere on the earth then it is only in Kashmir. Although people might argue that why Kashmir, but if you witness its surreal beauty then your opinion will definitely change. This article is all about Kashmir’s golden sunset and its warm people and its landscape.

If you have not been to Jammu & Kashmir yet, these reasons will make you want to go to Kashmir and it’ll get a place in your travel list.

Seven Lakes
The seven lakes await you on the Seven Lakes Trek in Kashmir. This is a place of unbelievable beauty. Interestingly, this place is good for trekkers. These lakes are a far cry from the more touristy lakes in the country and you’ll witness something unique here.

Aru Valley
Situated just 12 kilometers away from Pahalgam, Aru valley is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is where the base camp for Kolhoi glacier is set and you can visit this place to see all your dreams of Kashmir’s famous meadows come true. We can bet that you’ll forget your Switzerland dream after visiting Aru valley.

Snow valley
If you enjoy the snowfall, then Kashmir can be an ideal place for you and its beauty during the snowfall cannot be described in words. A cup of kahwawill keep you warm and you can enjoy to the fullest as the snow turns this place into a fairy land.

Just to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can plan your trip to Jammu & Kashmir and get your peace of mind there. Here, you can choose to stay in a luxurious, world-class resort, or a cabin where no one will disturb your peace of mind. You can just relax yourself and enjoy the silence all around you.

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