Now you can enjoy your holiday inside an igloo in Himachal Pradesh

Igloo Manali

Manali has now given one more reason for the tourists to visit the place during winters. We are saying this because now you can go on a leisure trip to Manali and stay in igloos during your holiday period. According to reports, since the temperature in Himachal Pradesh is already sub-zero, tourists are now living in a different yet warm accommodation in igloos that are made of ice and snow.

Interesting Concept
For those who never had a chance to stay in a real igloo, this is a golden opportunity for people who want to experience new things in life. This is an interesting concept because when the temperature drops down to minus ten or more in Himachal Pradesh, the igloos keep its guests warm and snug.

In Himachal, a typical igloo has decorative objects, lights and warm bedding. Native people of Himachal Pradesh have always been welcoming and they want the tourists there to enjoy to the fullest. Owners of the igloos are also having a set of their own troubles as it is very difficult to maintain the igloo accommodations as it requires maintenance as per the temperature but they are willing to take the risk because they believe in innovation and maximum satisfaction of a tourist.

So what are igloos?
Igloos are not found in India. It is for the first time that igloo accommodation has been started in Himachal Pradesh. Igloos are associated with eskimos but are also used by people living in cold regions like Norway, Greenland and Canada’s Central Arctic. Outside severe cold regions, for the first time, the Rooftop Lounge of Time Out Market in New York was made like igloo where people could enjoy a nice meal inside an igloo.

As Manali continues to be under a thick blanket of snow and has been one of the favourite places for the tourists, it’s time you check out these accommodations and have a blast there.

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