Long holiday or frequent short holidays; what do Indians prefer?-Find out about the new study

Long holiday or frequent short holiday

Millennials are making all the bookings online!


As per a new survey, Indians now prefer multiple short breaks rather than the traditional single long annual vacation to switch off and rejuvenate. As per “India Holiday Report 2019”, most of the respondents this year opted for a holiday spanning 3-6 days, as compared to 7-10 days in 2015, which drives home the aforementioned point.

“As against the single annual vacation, Indians are displaying increasing appetite for multiple short holiday breaks,” Vishal Suri, Managing Director, SOTC Travel, said in a statement which was quoted by news agency IANS.
“Whether it is bespoke adventures, solo or escorted tours, Indians are travelling far more than they have ever before and while they will continue to be quintessential value seekers, their passions like adventure or cuisine play a critical factor,” Suri further added.

Having said this, the research also reveals that people who are over 56 years of age still prefer longer vacations spanning 7-15 or more days. Also, there is always a preference for international holiday for people across all age groups.
Apart from this, domestic holidays showed a marked growth with 92 per cent of respondents taking a domestic holiday compared to 80 per cent in 2015.

Now, if leisure is combined with spiritual journeys, there is a massive spurt in this trend this year. Hence, places like Madurai, Rameshwaram, Dwarka, Shirdi, Pushkar, Mathura, Ujjain and Varanasi have gained a lot of prominence this year.
Owing to the growing penetration of the Internet, people prefer researching prospective locations all by themselves and weigh different options. Hence, it was not surprising when numbers revealed that over 70 per cent respondents in the age groups 25-35 and 36-55 years booked their holidays online.

Also, women are no longer depended on husbands or their male-counterparts to influence their decisions and more often than not, the decisions are taken jointly which is a great trend to have emerged.


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