Indians taking the lead – One in four Indians opt for greener options over air travel

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Weather change and the increasing global pollution is now a reality and Indians are taking the lead in doing their bit to curb this menace. One in four Indians are willing to take a lower carbon footprint alternative to air travel, even if it comes at the cost of inconvenience and additional expense. This was found out as per a new World Economic Forum study.

According to the survey, around 37 per cent Indians, on the other hand, would rather prefer to take the transport which has a lower carbon footprint – for instance, railways is also at par with air travel as far as convenience and price is concerned.

Also, around 24 per cent of Indians were not entirely sure while 17 per cent have not yet decided as far as the carbon footprint is concerned.

“Interestingly, if we see, for long-distance travel, there is no alternative to air travel, unless we consciously look for using Videocon, webinar etc. especially for business meetings,” Rinku Patnaik, Chief Client Officer, Ipsos India, said in an official statement.

“Air travellers probably can also, on their part, make an informed decision, if we at a country level have some sort of an ‘eco-labelling’ of the carrier; and passengers can act responsibly by choosing accordingly,” Patnaik further added.

As per the survey, over half of the Indians felt that airlines have it in them to find solutions to combat the ever-increasing menace of climate change and they also can find solutions to reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

What do you prefer while travelling? Do you consciously choose to reduce your carbon footprint? Let us know by commenting below.

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