I took the ‘overhyped’ film-city tour in Mumbai and learned this life lesson

film city mumbai

When it comes to travel, I bet the first thing that you do is open up Google and search “top things to do in this city,” isn’t it? I am sure you can recall one or two instances when you relied on the information supplied by Google and ended up visiting overhyped places.

Everyone has different goals while travelling but no one wants to go to the places that are just good in the books. Mumbai, one such city, is full of such overhyped places. If you are planning to visit Mumbai anytime soon, I will tell you all the places that are “a must” in the papers but are a total waste of time, especially if you are on a short trip.

Film City is boredom-city
The first thing which comes to your mind (or on your google search screen) when you talk about the Mayanagri is film-city. Many agencies will promise you a tour of lavish film-city where you can spot your favourite actors struggling to give a shot. But I’m telling you, this tour will be the biggest waste of your time.

I took the same and the scorching heat of Mumbai drained me down while I visited one set after another. Spotting a grade A actor is a rare thing. I got to see one or two small TV series being shot but that was the extent of it. If you are on a tight schedule, spending your day doing such an activity is a total waste of time.

Celebrity House Hunt
The next thing that almost every first-time visitor does in Mumbai is seeing the houses of famous celebrities. From Mannat (SRK’s abode) to Galaxy Apartment (Salman’s bachelor pad), people are lining up at the gates with the hope to get a glimpse of their favourite celebrity.

Getting that glimpse is a rare occasion. Even if it happens, those celebrities are on their roofs/balconies that seem like miles away in the crowd. If you are finding it hard to imagine, then think of a concert that you attended. Imagine standing in the last row of it with no TV screens whatsoever. That is how far those celebrities will seem like.

You will find many taxi drivers who will promise you “celebrity-house-tour” but all you will get to see is their main gates with hundreds of people outside it.

The Infamous Bandstand
Last, but not least, the Bandstand area in front of SRK’s house. The main Bandstand usually closes in the evening so people gather nearby to witness a beautiful sunset. Undoubtedly, the sunset there is beautiful, the most beautiful thing that I saw, but the place is far away from clean.

A much better (and cleaner) place, where I witnessed the beauty of the setting Sun, is Marine Drive. In fact, Carter Road will offer you a great view too, much better than bandstand. Bandstand adjacent area is full of dirt, foul smell and slums.

These were the places one should totally avoid while visiting Mumbai, I wish I had. They are nothing but clichéd and exaggerated tourist attractions that end up being a not-so-great experience.

Mumbai is a city full of great food, amazing seaside views and some awesome pubs. Spend your time at such places where you will have some mind-blowing experience, not at the places that will dent your vacation mood.

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