How trekking is similar to entrepreneurship

Well yeah, you might find the title a little confusing or erroneous at first but let me try and explain. So, is trekking really similar to entrepreneurship and if yes, then how? If you are a trekker who is also an entrepreneur by any chance, you might be able to connect the dots.

Let’s be honest, when I make this connection, the first thing that probably pops up in your mind is that both trekking and entrepreneurship require grit and determination. That is certainly true.

As a trekker, you are supposed to scale high peaks and trudge through some of the most difficult paths. On the other hand, as an entrepreneur scaling high peaks and trudging tough paths just becomes a metaphor for the whole struggle you go through every day.

Coming up with that silly idea and then working your ass off to give it a decent shape. Then finding the right platform to pitch it, getting the funds, creating a team from scratch; surely, it can bring any individual down.

But you know what you are supposed to tell yourself before going to bed each day. Tomorrow is going to be better. And then kick off another day with the same level of enthusiasm. You just cannot afford to lose steam.

Similarly, as a trekker, you are not supposed to stop and continue fretting about the distance that is yet to be covered. You have to learn to find pleasure in the pain. You have to understand that once you reach the top, all this is going to seem like a distant memory from the past.

After all, for all those who haven’t experienced the thrill of starting their own enterprise or climbing that mountain will never know what brings men and women to go through all that struggle for that one solitary moment of success.

So, here’s a list of things I would like to mention which make trekking similar to entrepreneurship:

Taking that leap

In life, there are occasions when you have to stop and think about the decision that you are making; when you doubt your own capabilities and when you need to get past it to see the real picture.

Remember, planning your first trek or starting-up can put you in a state of dilemma. Am i fit enough? Do I have it in me to undertake this arduous task? All you need to do is to close your eyes, listen to your heart and take that leap.

Plan, and then plan again

Always remember, a clear vision and plan goes a long way. So, no matter what, you just can’t jump into those murky waters without having one. If you are planning a trek, do your research and get yourself ready.

If you are starting-up, well obviously research and get yourself damn ready! But also, do not become too rigid with your plan. Keep it flexible. Both trekking and entrepreneurship can throw something entirely unexpected at you at any point during the journey.

Sticking to the same plan and not being flexible is only going to put you in a fix and spoil the whole experience. So, don’t be afraid to take those little risks. Sometimes, going off track can offer the best views.

Gang up!

While the idea of going solo might give you that adrenaline rush, it might not be the best option for a debutante. We all need a guide who can help us move unharmed in the unknown.

Similarly, as an entrepreneur, one needs to find the right mentor who can help them along the way. A true and competent mentor can work wonders for your business just like a guide can make your trek full of unique experiences and stories.

Second important thing is to have a team of like-minded enthusiastic individuals you can rely on. Although, here you might make an exception if you really are the solo kind of trekker!

Never say never

Sorry for starting with that cliched phrase but it is still the most apt. What do you need the most while you are on a journey which is going to challenge you in the most extreme possible way? Resilience!

If you are resilient enough to get out of the cozy sleeping bag, put on your shoes and trekking gear, and start climbing every morning for several days, you will reach the top.

As an entrepreneur, the physical and mental struggle might come in installments but it can also last much longer – sometimes even years. So, do you have it in you to keep fighting for your dream?

Either way, that one moment of self-doubt has the potential to stop you in your tracks. So better buckle up, keep your back straight, let the moment pass and continue walking. Keep your eye on the summit.

These are the four major points that i would like to mention. Although, I know there can be much more to it, the similarities between both trekking and entrepreneurship are endless.

Both the things might be poles apart but the qualities that they ask for in an individual are almost the same. They give you the necessary skills to learn survival, to not break under pressure and most importantly, they make you a great storyteller.

After all, it is all about the experiences. Doing something which others don’t; taking the road less travelled.

Another big similarity between the two is the millennials are now getting attracted by both adventure sports and entrepreneurship. Before I end this article, I would like to also discuss why you should definitely go on a trek if you are an entrepreneur.

Most of the points that I mentioned above talk about building a strong body and mind, being resilient and not giving up in the toughest situations. As an entrepreneur, these qualities are definitely going to help you.

Having a calm and steady mind in the most adverse of situations can help you find the right solutions. Now, trekking can be your crash course for what is in the offing.

The whole experience of trekking helps you in building outdoor leadership, taking quick decisions, learning to work in a team, staying focused on the goal, and finally achieving it.

Aren’t all these qualities going to help you as an entrepreneur or generally in life? So, if you have been thinking about planning that first trek, now is the time you ‘take that leap’.

If you have already quit your job to build your idea into a successful business, this is the right kind of break that you need. If you are still in two minds, a trek might help you find the answer.

Either way, it is going to be a life altering experience. So, cheers to all the brave ones out there!

If you want to send in your suggestions, please do so by commenting below.

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