Here are the most important things to do in Bali

Plan Bali Travel

Bali is one of the largest islands in Indonesia, and one of the favourite places Indians like to visit. Interestingly, Bali is a creation of tectonic shifts under the ocean floor and is known as an Island of Gods.

The place is known for its arts, crafts, cuisine, temples, yoga, beaches, volcanic mountains and lush green countryside. It is said that even a month long vacation in Bali is not enough to explore the place.

In order to reduce your burden of searching about things to do in Bali, we have prepared a list that’ll help you in planning your trip:

A trip to Ubud
Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali. To make your trip refreshing, you can get an accommodation in one of the spa retreats around Ubud. The lush green countryside will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Eat Balinese food
Balinese cuisine is known its spicy sambal, fragrant rice, grilled succulent meats served with colourful tasty condiments. If you are not a non-vegetarian then Bali is a great place for you as well. You can try gadogado (salad), brinjals with sambal and world famous nasigoreng (vegetable fried rice).

Balinese massage
When in Bali, you can indulge in various kinds of massages. By lanes of this island are scattered with spa and massage parlours of all kinds. The massages here are known for its calming and healing properties. Trained therapists lead you into deep relaxation.

Mount Batur
If you are an adventurous person and one of those who love trekking, then Mount batur should be on your list. In order to go on trekking there, you can join a group that offers sunrise trekking. It will take you around 2-3 hours to climb. You can take a look of the beautiful Lake Baturon your way and then of course the first rays of sun!

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