Guwahati- Tawang Road Trip is a truly unique and adventurous experience one should really have at least once in their lifetime. This road trip is really amazing for motor-riders, travelers and vloggers. The epic serene in between the trip gives an opportunity for the riders to explore and experience the adventure. Visiting a place like Tawang is in the wish list of every traveller.  Before visiting Tawang and having amazing experience of adventure you should know various things about the trip and the necessary things to take along in the trip.

Every individual should have the Indian Line Permit (ILP) for entering Arunachal Pradesh. It doesn’t matter if you are an Indian or a foreigner; you need to have it for entering Arunachal Pradesh.

Now, if you are going by bike the estimate cost for 2 people will be Rs 23,000 including your accommodation, food, fuel etc. If you are going by your car the estimate cost will be Rs 37000 for 4 people including food, accommodation, fuel etc.

Places to visit– Here are some places you can visit in between the trip:

  1. Jaswant Garh War Memorial, Shannan– This is a War Memorial which is very popular among tourists going towards Tawang.
  2. Bhairabkund Satsang Vihar, Bhairabkund– This is a place where you will be able to see Bhutan and India border. You are just a few meters away from Bhutan at this place. Along with this, if the weather is nice you can click some amazing pictures here. Also, this place onwards, you will enter in the region of extremely beautiful nature and every spot is perfect for photography.
  3. Buddha Park, Cona, Bomdila– At this place you can take a halt and enjoy with friends for few minutes.
  4. Dirang River, Shannan– If you want to enjoy hot water spring then this is the place for you. Also, you can enjoy some sports at this place.
  5. Nyukmadong war Memorial, Shannan– This is a popular tourist attraction which was built after the 1962 War. You must visit this place and pay a tribute to our great soldiers.
  6. Sela Lake and Sela Pass, Shannan– This is an extremely popular tourist attraction on the way towards Tawang. You should stop here and take some amazing pictures.

You can see the real beauty of India here! So do stop and glare at them once you go through this road trip.

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