Guitar-shaped hotel inaugurated – Be prepared to be enthralled

Guitar-shaped hotel

World’s first!


It looks like a rock ‘n’ roll guitar and yet, it cannot be played. Well, as a matter of fact, this extraordinary $1.5 billion creation is a hotel where one can stay – it is a 36-storey electric guitar-shaped hotel.

It was once a trailer park and has now become the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel which was inaugurated in Florida on October 26 with a star-studded presence, as per reports in Daily Mail.

Details of the venue:

Now, this venue has 1,200 hotel rooms. Also, as per Daily Mail, it has a 7,000-seat casino floor that accommodates over 3,000 slot machines. As expected, images of the hotel are making their rounds on the Internet.

People had a lot to say about this unusual guitar-shaped hotel – there were plenty of positive reviews and there were few people who were not as impressed.

“I drove right in front of it last week. Amazing site,” wrote a Facebook user. “I am so not impressed. A hotels worth is what happens inside, room quality, staff, amenities, etc. the shape of the outside is of minimal importance,” commented another. “Wow, looks beautiful! Can’t wait to stay there” commented another.

Khloé Kardashian, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman and Sofia Richie were among the famous faces to grace the grand opening and this helped build all the excitement. Marcellus Osceola, council chairman of the Seminole in Florida, told Daily Mail: ‘We’re very thankful and we’re blessed to be in a position that we can provide the general welfare and the help and assistance that tribe members need.

‘The dollars that we make here will make life a little bit easier for our members when they have health care issues or when they are trying to buy a car to transport themselves with their families.’

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