Don’t forget these if you’re going on a bus journey

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All journeys need good planning and execution, it doesn’t matter whether they are long distance or short. With routine life taking away all our peace, it is often advised that people need to go on short breaks in order to break the monotony. We Indians are lucky because travelling in our country is a blessing as every nook and corner bustles with unique energy. Even if you go on a short break you can return all rejuvenated and then focus on your tedious work.

Bus journeys in India are common and we are sure you all must have experienced bus journeys at some point in life. These journeys allow travellers the leisurely time of staring out at the ever-changing geography, and musing. It gives you a good experience.

So if you are planning to take a bus for your journey, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Wet wipes and hand sanitizers
Do not assume that you’ll get a bus which is very tidy. So if you want to maintain good levels of hygiene then don’t forget to carry those wet wipes and hand sanitizers because chances are you may find your seat to be dirty, or your window to be dusty. These two products will make you feel refreshed and clean.

Ear plugs, eye masks
Buses can get noisy sometimes, so it is good that you keep your ear plugs in order to avoid extra noise. Also, if you want to take a good sleep, it is advisable that you carry an eye mask to cover your eyes and avoid that extra light.

It is advisable that you carry your own snacks for your journey. The reason is that sometimes at pitstops, the food is very unhygienic, so it would be better that you carry some snacks with you. This way it’ll end your hunger and keep your stomach in good shape as well.

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