Destinations in Delhi where you can escape from the sweltering heat

The sweltering summer heat in Delhi is absolutely killing us. There is a need to find an escape from this brain-melting heat and find a bit of comfort. There is always the option of heading to the mountains, but then the city also has places to find refuge, albeit, for a few hours.

Lodhi Garden: For starters, there are lush green spaces in the capital which can provide solace when the mercury starts to shoot up. Lodhi Garden, which is sprinkled with water features and atmospheric mausoleums and monuments, is the most popular destination for unwinding for the Delhiites. Well, we suggest you keep a bug repellent handy in order to secure yourself from the tormenting mosquitoes.

Sunder Nursery: If we head towards the east of Lodhi Gardens, there is the Sunder Nursery which has the grandeur of the 16th century. There are Mughal tombs and pavilions all around the lawn as well as waterways and flowerbeds which make the entire setting just perfect to unwind and relax.

Sanjay Van: We now head towards the south and reach Mehrauli where we will be greeted by the dense woodlands of Sanjay Van. These are perfect for a walk, amidst the chirruping of the birds and the occasional eruption of life.

Agrasen ki Baoli: Away from the hustle of Connaught Place, there is Agrasen ki Baoli, which is steeped in history and is quite fresh and quiet, a location which can be explored to escape the constant rat race.

When in Delhi, explore the Qutab Minar Complex and Mehrauli Archaeological Park where you will find a number of tombs and mosques which are a perfect escape from the sun. In Mehrauli, the spiralling tombs, pavilions, and the forest give the perfect feel of rural India.

So, as the heat soars, why not explore the capital?

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