Date with a view of the QutubMinar – These 4 Restaurants are the real deal

Qutub Minar

A view of QutubMinar, the perfect setting and a date night; such a perfect combination is a rare find. In this article, we identify four such restaurants which provide you breathtaking view of the Mughal-era monument along with delicious food.

Dramz Whisky Bar & Lounge

Perhaps with one of the most stunning views of the QutubMinar – this restaurant has a long flight of stairs, but it is all worth it. And, well, if you are a whisky lover, there’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of well-aged scotch from their plethora of options.


This one can safely be dubbed as one of the most romantic restaurants in town. Their old-school Roast Chicken, Braised Yorkshire Pork Belly, The Garden and CremeBrulee are few of the many dishes which will force you to come back many more times. For people who love to click photos, keep your camera handy as everything from their food to the outstanding ambience is absolutely exemplary.


This is one restaurant which does a great job of combining Armenian and Bengali flavours to come with astounding delicacies. Their Prawn Tolma, the Iranian Lamb Koobideh rank as absolute favourites. Also, the beautiful interiors and a view of the Qutub are some other aspects which will get us jumping up and down.

Thai High

What is the idea of a perfect date night? If it is a glass of wine, a spectacular view and authentic Thai grub like Yam PhakKrob then Thai High is just the perfect place. Also, it has the regular Thai staples, which includes Som Tom, Pad Thai, Satay and Thai Green Curry, all of which are absolute crowd favourites. Do make your reservation here as this will allow you to have a better experience.

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