Best Castles in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has several castles scattered throughout every county, from grand houses to fortresses. Some castles are well preserved, with their tapestries, turrets, including banquet halls still intact. The landscape around them slowly modified through the centuries whereas they stood robust. Other castles in Northern Ireland exist ruins with a remaining tower or wall still firmly in situ. Some you’ll see at the aspect of the road, with the city designed up around them.

Carrickfergus Castle

Carrickfergus Castle is within the city of Carrickfergus, one of the oldest cities in eire. The castle is found on the shores of the capital of Northern Ireland Lough, half Associate in Nursing hour from the capital of Northern Ireland. Carrickfergus Castle is one amongst the best-preserved medieval structures in eire and is that the sole castle in eire that has been endlessly in use from once it absolutely was initially in-built 1177.

Dunluce Castle

The ruinous remains of Dunluce Castle are perked precariously on the brink of the sting of the volcanic rock cliffs as if it’s up from the land itself. The white crest of the wave’s crash on the rocks two hundred meters below. A bridge, twenty-five meters on top of the luxurious inexperienced hills takes you to the doorway. Walk amongst the buildings with their chimneys still perked on prime. Components of the pebbled stone floor stay to steer within the footsteps of the numerous folks from century’s agone.

Dundrum Castle

Dundrum Castle is located in County Down. The remaining stone structure sits with pride over Dundrum village. Steep, winding lanes take you towards Dundrum Castle, a fat ginger cat sprawling on the sill of a house encompassing the castle. Walking on the trail to the castle that curves uphill, trees square measure dotted here and there, rising as high because of the walls. Most of the skin wall remains, within could be a giant circular tower, the highest currently agape hospitable the weather. Within the tower, slender stone steps spiral round the structure, names, and dates of way back incised into the stone.

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