Backpacking Tips for Wilderness Hiking

Tips for Wilderness Hiking

There’s nothing better than exploring nature using your own two legs. The slow pace gives you time to clear your head, enjoy the surroundings and appreciate nature to the fullest. However, like any physical activity, wilderness hiking comes with a set of unique challenges that can be very tricky for first-timers who have no experience living out of a backpack and sleeping outside.

Break in your shoes

Blisters will ruin your trip like nothing else, so make sure to wear good shoes. While you might want to invest in a new pair of hiking boots for your trip, make sure they fit perfectly and don’t start your trip without breaking them in. Give yourself plenty of time to break your new shoes in before you hit the road. How to do that? Well, it’s very simple—put on your boots, laces them up firmly and go for a walk. You can also wear your shoes around the house, to the shop or at the office, but if you can, a light hiking is the best option. Wear your new shoes with the socks you’re planning to wear during your trip. Give your shoes at least two weeks and they will be ready to take you through the wilderness.

Travel light

If this is your first Wilderness hiking, it’s more than possible that you’ll bring too much stuff and over pack your backpack. However, it’s normal and not to worry about it. But, if you want to have a lighter, faster and longer walk, try to lighten your load. Don’t just throw everything out though. You need to consider your climate, weather, temperature and route, but there are things you can do to remove unnecessary things from your backpack. The best thing to do is to remove duplicate items. While it might seem logical to bring extra pants and shirts, you’ll probably end your trip without changing clothes. Expect to get dirty and don’t let it bother you—it’s the part of the experience.

Consider the food

Consider the food what does one trust “ready-made packing dinner for hiking”? Probably not so appetizing, but some meals like that can be pretty tasty. However, their main advantage is that they make every meal stress-free, so you can focus on the trip and enjoy your time outside. Once you get the hang of things, you can cook your food from scratch, but first-timers can easily rely on freeze-dried, dehydrated meals to make things simple and easy.

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