Avoid these rookie mistakes while traveling

Happy women traveling on the train, vacation, travel ideas.
Happy women traveling on the train, vacation, travel ideas.

The idea of traveling to interesting places at a shoestring budget has taken the millennials by storm. Almost everyone wants to escape the mundane engagements of everyday life and rush to a place they fancy whenever time allows.

More and more people are choosing the backpacker lifestyle over comfortable hotels and pre-planned trips. The bucket lists are getting longer and so is the urge to tick every item off as soon as possible.

In this rush, there are chances that we end up making some rookie mistakes while traveling. But worry not, we have taken care of things for you. Just check this list and make sure you avoid these mistakes.


A plan always helps

Choosing to travel as a backpacker means you are looking to explore the unique places, their cultures, food, people while not making a hole in your pocket. Well, that’s quite achievable – provided you plan everything carefully in advance.

You have the internet, so go ahead and read everything you can about the places you plan to visit. Make a list of things you definitely don’t want to miss and schedule everything accordingly. It will help in saving your precious time and making the most of it.

However, always remember that you have to be flexible too. So, always keep some backups and don’t get stuck on one thing.


Don’t take what you don’t need

Luxury travel gives you the option to just throw your luggage in one corner of a hotel room but that’s not going to happen while backpacking. Chances are that you will be continuously on the move.

Thus, carrying extra weight will be foolish. Make sure you don’t take anything unnecessary. Just the right mix of clothes, products of everyday need, any medicines, first aid kit, and everything else you need.

Also, compartmentalize every item in a way that you don’t end up creating a mess.


Cash is life-savior

While you should definitely carry your debit or credit card and use it whenever possible, don’t forget to have some cash handy. You never know that you stumble upon a place where finding an ATM becomes synonymous with ‘waiting for Godot’.

But, at the same time, make sure that your cash is safe. The best way is to divide it into three or four batches and keep at different places. This will reduce the risk of losing all your money at once.


Give a shout out to people

Yes, because safety should always be your priority and letting your friends and family know about your plans will only help in ensuring that. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly update everyone but communicating important developments is helpful.

If you don’t think it’s a good idea, try watching the movie 13 hours, you might be convinced. Also, carry some safety gear too like pepper spray.


Say no to social media

We all know that sharing wonderful memories on social media platforms feels amazing. But, if you start doing it while on the trip then there are chances that you will miss out on so much fun and experiences.

You always have the option of sharing these pictures and stories once you are back home. It will also help you in reliving all the memories. Believe us, staying off social media improves the entire travel experience to a great extent.


Make judicious use of money

You are on a journey of adventure and exploration, and there are chances that you wish to keep it as real or raw as possible. If you have chosen the backpacker lifestyle, then it comes with a set of restrictions too.

There’s no luxury to spend money without thinking. So, make sure that you make every decision carefully and try to save as much money as possible whenever you can. We promise this will go a long way for you.

So, these are the suggestions that we have for all you travelers out there. If you think there’s more that can be added to the list, please comment below and let us know. If you like this article, share with your friends.

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