65 countries and has 6 Indian passports – 68-year-old Indian woman living the dream

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For this lady, retirement is not an option! 

When the monotony of the daily life gets way too overpowering, we all think of packing our bags and hitting the road. It is often the stuff of dreams for many but not for this 68-year old woman.

Sudha Mahalingam has six passports and has travelled to more than 65 countries and plans to continue travelling. She has penned down a travel memoir called ‘The Travel Gods Must Be Crazy’. Mahalingam has shared some wonderful stories in her memoir ranging from exploring enchanting islands to mysterious mountains.

Sudha has travelled to a number of places as a journalist and explored different places even before she started her backpacking journey. According to her, venturing out alone makes her feel more empowered and she says that it has the potential to help other women feel the same.

“All your life, you are told what’s best for you, the things you can and cannot do, how certain places are safe and others are not. Travelling helps to put these preconceived notions and stereotypes to the test. It helps you not only discover yourself but also develop confidence and identify your strengths. It teaches you to draw upon your reserves and tackle crises too,” she was quoted as saying by The Better India.

This journey began when she took a 32-day trek to Kailash, Mansarovar back in 1996. She says that, this was the pivotal moment in her life: “It taught me a lot about myself, especially my hardiness. It helped me learn that I could do things alone.”

Sudha had a five-year-old son to take care of when she went for her 32-day trek but it did not deter her. Today, with fewer restrictions and family responsibilities, she is living the life she loves. At an age when most people choose a life of comfort, she continues to seek bigger adventures.

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