3 Best Island Beaches within the World

3 Best Island Beaches

A beach holiday is a perfect reason to skip the daily drudgery. And whether you’re in the state for a stroll on a windswept seashore leading up to an antique castle, unwinding on a white sandy slice of heaven in the heart of the Indian Ocean or taking a breather after grabbing a few early morning waves, there are best island beaches within the world for just about everyone.

Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto rico

A long, skinny stretch of white sand and clear water make this one in every of the Caribbean’s high beaches. Obtaining there’s a part of the adventure: It will solely be accessed by parking in one in every of twenty-one little turn-offs on an unsmooth, caliche-topped road within the middle of the island’s western National life Refuge (formerly restricted as a U.S. Navy coaching base).

Where to stay:  The W on Vieques was nearly utterly destroyed by cyclone Maria in 2017. However, different properties on the island survived, and one in every one of our incomparable favorites—and Hot List 2014 winner—is El Alexander Alexandrovich Blok. during a nod to 1950’s tropical modernism, the 22-room hostelry incorporates a well-endowed exterior within an elaborate way carven louvers that prompt the intense Caribbean sun to solid dramatic shadows. Interiors have a quiet ambiance, because of clean-lined picket furnishings and strategically placed sculptures.

Seagrass Bay, Laucala Island, Fiji

This 7.5-square-mile isolated island heaven could be a 50-minute flight from Nadi and worlds off from regular life. Lined in the tropical jungle (reached via target-hunting walking tours or horseback rides), Laucala is home to a number of the archipelago’s rarest birds and animals, pristine beaches, and hypnotic marine life.

Where to Stay:  Your sole option—Laucala Island Resort—is off from shabby. In 1972, Malcolm Forbes bought this luscious inexperienced morsel as his non-public refuge; its current owner, Red Bull big businessman actress Mateschitz, has spared no expense to form a spectacular hideaway. The high tag gets you the extraordinary luxury and total privacy in one in every of the twenty-five villas—all exciting versions of ancient Fijian dwellings.

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Rugged, wild, and untouched are some of the words accustomed to describe this bounds, wherever photographers and surfers flock to catch the simplest waves and watch the “Soup Bowl,” a name for once the waves smash into the white sand and large rocks to form a mesmeric appearance.

Where to stay:  Your high choice for Barbados in our annual Readers’ selection Awards survey is Sandy Lane. This landmark resort is some things of a Bajan establishment, with elegant interiors associate degreed an imposingly stunning setting. This splendor runs through everything, as well as the hotel’s Treehouse Club for small ones: they will be unbroken busy from morning till sunset with sailing, out of doors moving-picture show nights, and even themed dinner parties on the itinerary.

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