What Not To Do : If You’re In A Relationship With Someone Who Has Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety can be really hard sometimes and being in a relationship with someone who is going through a tough phase and is trying everything in their domain to fight anxiety, can make you go nuts. But don’t worry, it does not mean that you have to move mountains to be in a happy relationship with an anxious person. All it takes is little things.

1. Don’t Make Them Feel Like They Are Crazy –
If your partner is dealing with anxiety, it is already very hard for them to get out of their bed and deal with the general things, such as making coffee. So keep in mind that they are not crazy, their behaviour might seem unusual to you but let them be, give them space but do not leave, be there for them.

2. Do Not Ignore That They Are Fighting A Battle In Their Mind –
Just because anxiety can feel irrational doesn’t mean it should be ignored. You should never just wave it away and say this your partner “you just have anxiety.” They know they have anxiety and you should be aware about it too and it should reflect in your actions too.

3. Don’t Make Them Apologetic About It –
We all are aware about the fact that anxiety can make us pull away from people and it can get into any relationship too. So if your partner is having “Get away from everybody” days, do not make them feel guilty about it.

4. Don’t Compare Their Anxiety With Someone Else’s Case –
Anxiety is different for everyone! You might have your own sort of anxiety, or have a person in your lives that manages an anxiety disorder, too. But just because you have experience with anxiety is does not mean that you are experts in their anxiety.

5. Do Not Play Doctor –
This is a big NO, NO!
Sometimes you will, with the best intentions hopefully, try to “explain” anxiety to your partner and seem to have all the answers. You don’t — and just like telling someone with depression that they should “get out more” is not helpful at all, telling someone with anxiety that they should meditate, do yoga, or just “chill out” is counterproductive.

They deserve nothing but the best from you. Just stay by their side because that is what they need. BE HAPPY.

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