What drives a long-term relationship? Study comes up with surprising answer

long term relationship

Do youngsters care about their partner’s chastity?

What is the biggest driving force behind any long-term relationship? What is the biggest virtue that people search for in relationship? As per a research, kindness ranks as the topmost priority in couples if they have to sustain any relationship.
Traits like physical attractiveness and financial prospects are important as well, but, the highest priority was kindness, said the researchers. This was published in the Journal of Personality.

“Looking at very different culture groups allows us to test the idea that some behaviour are human universals. If men and women act in a similar way across the globe, then this adds weight to the idea that some behaviours develop in spite of culture rather than because of it,” said study principal researcher Andrew G. Thomas from Swansea University in Britain.

Now as per the study, different dating preferences of students from different eastern countries including Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, and Western countries such as the UK, Norway and Australia were taken into account.

Following this, students were given eight traits they could spend ‘mate dollars’ on. The different parameters included physical attractiveness, good financial prospects, kindness, humour, chastity, religiosity, the desire for children and creativity.

The study revealed that people normally spent 22-26 per cent of their total budget on kindness and a huge chunk of the budget on physical attractiveness and good financial prospects. Also, it needs to be mentioned that features like creativity and chastity were extremely low ranked and received less than 10 per cent.

The results were rather surprising considering the common notions which believe the younger audiences are more attracted towards looks and off-field traits. The age-old virtue of kindness and understanding still find a place, and in many ways, this study gives humanity hope.

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