Trying to find the meaning and purpose of life? Here’s when you’ll find it

Remember watching famous Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali’s movies and then pondering over the meaning and purpose of life for months? But never found any solution, then a research finding is out there that might help you. Humans often contemplate about finding the meaning and purpose of life. Some humans leave everything behind to search for it. From writing to doing adventurous sports, we often look for the reason of our being and no matter what we do to get the answer; we rarely get that satisfaction that makes us say: “Yes this is it”.

So if you are also trying to find out the meaning and purposes of life, then don’t worry a research has found out when exactly you will get the answers about life. The research claims that the people searching for meaning of life will be able to find it only after turning 60 years old. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in its article titled – ‘Meaning in life and its relationship with physical, mental and cognitive functioning’ claims the relation between the life’s meaning and the older age.

What does the research claim?

The research claims that people think about the meaning and purpose in life from a philosophical perspective, however, it is associated with better health, wellness and longevity. The senior author of the research article – Dilip V Jeste has written that people with meaning in life are happier and healthier than those without it. Jeste is an MD and senior associate dean at the Center of Healthy Aging and Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at UC San Diego School of Medicine.

What are the research findings?

The research article highlights the fact that the presence of meaning in life is exhibited in an inverted U-shaped relationship. As a result it was found that the presence of meaning in life will be at top at the age of 60. The researchers believe that their findings will help people in finding out the meaning and purpose of life because they’ve now given a direction in which the people can focus.

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