Tips To Sweeten Your Father-Son Relationship

New Delhi: One of the most complex relationships in the world is between a father and son. The world evolved so much over the decades, centuries and millenniums; but one thing that is not changed is the bond between a father and son.

However, every relation has many characteristics, so is with father-son bond. It would be incorrect to say that the relation carries lesser love than other. But, moreover, their love is silent not much expressive and loud. In the most of cases, father goes out of proportion while guiding his son. On the contrary, the son wants liberty and freedom to lead his life in his own way. However, there could be different scenarios as per atmosphere in the family.

Here are some simple tips to sweeten the bond between father and son:

  1. Reorganization of father’s figure

A father is a first hero of his son. A son as kid learns most of things from his father. Child always mimics his father. He learns how to talk to elders and younger from his father. So, if father sees his figure in his son, the fact will definitely please him. In the same way, if a son understands that his basics came from his father, the emotion for his father will definitely get momentum.

  1. Develop some common interests

Since the society is an evolving institution, it keeps changing. Society of father’s era is changed till the son is grown. Here, the gap started taking place. What father likes, may son not and vice versa. So, the solution is both should start developing some common interests. For example, cricket and election are something that brings father and son on the same page.

  1. Get Involved In Father-Son Activities

This is the simplest and most effective way to make the relationship more vivid. Get involved into family affairs that need the contributions from both of you. Like- discussion on buying new car, sister’s marriage and gardening.

  1. Take on a big project

If you are a father, do start big projects that matters to your son as well. Like- setting up new business, building home or run a shop. If you do things of your son’s interest, the relation will definitely shines.

  1. Listening

The problem with the contemporary society is that we all are running out of patience. Neither son nor father listens each other. If you listen carefully to your father or son, the speaker will definitely be happy.

  1. Talk on adult issues

In Indian society, father-son duo hesitates to discuss on adult subject like- sex. Having open discussion on these issue will help son to be more open with father. Come down to a friend level will help your son to be your buddy forever.

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