Signs that you might be lacking office manners

office manners

You spend a lot of your time at your place of work and it is where you bond with colleagues, plan for the future, etc. Notably, office is a place which has its own decorum and there are some protocols that you need to follow so as to not look unprofessional.

However, sometimes people forget some important workplace etiquette. Forgetting these etiquettes can harm your reputation. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Do not turn up late
Some people have a habit of getting late. But it is important that you don’t get late, especially when you have to attend a meeting. Occasional delay is okay, but making it a habit is very bad. Plan your day in a way that you make it in and out on time.

Coming in sick
People think that they’ll be praised if they go to the office with a blocked, red nose but your constant sneezing and coughing may irritate your co-workers.

Use of phone
It is bad manners to use your phone too much, especially during meetings or when some colleague is talking to you. If you are hooked onto your phone in such situations then it shows that you are mentally not present and not paying attention.

Interrupting others
You should let others talk as well. It is bad manners if you keep interrupting others when they are speaking. Cutting them mid-sentence and try to make yourself heard is extremely rude. Being respectful will earn you a good reputation but if you remain a person with bad etiquettes then no one will like you and you’ll make a bad reputation for yourself.

Gossiping and prying
People who survive on gossiping cannot be good in maintaining relations because it is difficult to trust such people. One should avoid gossiping as this can cause harm to inter-personal relationships at workplace.

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