Signs that will prove that you are not ready for a relationship


Humans have a tendency to feel lonely and it is common that being single can be tiring for us. Major reason could be seeing every other person post about their relationships on social media. You may decide someday to install dating apps on your phones; however, it does not mean that you are ready for a relationship.

Probably you don’t know that there goes a lot of hard work behind building and sustaining a relationship. If you are planning to get into a relationship and are currently weighing options then you should know about these signs that indicate that you’re not ready to be in a relationship.

Not ready to invest time

If you want to move things as quickly as possible in a relationship then it is a sign that you are not ready. Relationships are time consuming and giving time and attention is very important.

Stay patient

It is important that you remain calm and patient. Understanding a person within few days is impossible, it takes time. So if you’re doubtful about a person then take your own time to understand them and don’t just rush. This way you’ll only end up saving yourself from heartbreak.

Constant corrections

If you constantly want to fix or change people in order to be in a relationship then you are not ready for a relationship. This can lead to fights and arguments, so it is important that you keep this sign in mind before reaching a conclusion.

Just to flaunt in front of your ex

If the sole reason behind your decision to get into a relationship is to show to your ex-partner that you are happy in life then this not the right way to go about it, This means you are still not over with your ex and think twice before you go into a new relationship.

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