Sex positions you can try to spice up your sex life

Nothing is better than a good sexual experience with your partner.

“The secret to having more intense, enjoyable sex is knowing how to angle yourself so that you’re hitting your most sensitive areas while allowing yourself to really let go and relax,” says Patricia Taylor, Ph.D., sex educator and author of Expanded Orgasm. Here are some of the sexual positions you can try in your bed (or wherever it is where you prefer.

Woman on Top

Many women like this position because you’re in control of the angle and thrusting speed. To make it even more intense, instead of simply sitting on top, get on your knees and lean forward, then move in and out nice and slow.

Doggy Style

When a partner enters you from behind, it’s a tight fit, but it’s also an ideal angle to hit your G spot.


A lot of people love a dual oral session, but here’s how to make it better: Both of you lie on your sides, scisssoring your legs together. If you are unsure which ones to try? These are the best vibrators for both masturbation and partner sex.


There are few things cosier than the spoon, so getting it on like this can boost your pleasure because you’re already in a bonding position, and feeling connected helps you climax.

Seated Straddle

To take this common sex position up a notch, focus on your breath. As you breathe in, your partner breathes out—doing this helps your body expand and open, offering up more opportunity to achieve orgasm. Why does this work so well in straddle position? When you’re sitting face to face, you can look into each other’s eyes, and that boosts intimacy. Also, your chests are free to expand without the natural pressure that happens when lying down. The plus point of this sexual position is, inhaling deeply during intercourse increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, so it’s more likely you’ll hit your highest notes.


A lot of people give the missionary position a bad rep, deeming it to be boring or basic, but don’t discount it just yet: This is a prime position for clitoral stimulation. Two tricks to try: First, prop a pillow under your butt, as that’ll change the angle of your partner’s penetration, potentially making it easier to hit your G-spot. Next, bring your legs to close together so your partner’s legs drape outside of yours. Doing this tightens the fit around your partner and really creates friction on your clit.

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