Relationship guide: Signs that’ll help you find whether your relationship is toxic or not

Relationship guide

Relationships are all rosy and beautiful, but there’s no denying that any relationship comes with its own share of challenges and bumps. It is believed that relationships are meant to last a lifetime but not every relationship is like that. We say this because people in the past have had some very bad experiences. People, who invested their energies in partners, had a really bad end just because things became toxic and either of the partners got exhausted.

In order to check whether your relationship has become toxic or not, here are a few signs:

No support
If your relationship is healthy and there’s no issue, then both the partners will support each other and will be each other’s cheerleader. Supportive partners form the backbone of any good relationship. So if you notice that you don’t get any support from your partner then maybe your relationship has lost its charm and is becoming toxic.

Extreme jealousy
A jealous partner often makes a relationship very toxic. Although it is absolutely normal that there will be some amount of jealousy as it is a normal human trait, however, if it gets excessive then it’ll be always the reason for fights and that makes a relationship unhealthy.

One of the signs of a toxic relationship is that a partner assumes that he/she owns the other partners and has all the rights on them. As a result, one of the partners tries to control the other partner’s life and trust us no one wants that. This is a form of oppression and it cannot go on for long.

No respect
Any relationship can become a successful one only if both the partners in it respect each other. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, and if you think that your partner does not respect you then it is a red flag. Sort it out with your partner before it gets too late.

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