Relationship becoming toxic because of possessiveness? Here’s how to deal with it

Do you think that everything was rosy and then suddenly your relationship has become toxic and unbearable just because of your possessive and jealous partner? If you think that this might be the case in your relationship, then to make things clear, let me tell you that possessiveness in a relationship can ruin everything. So before you plan to call it quits, here are a few ways to deal with the toxic relationship before putting the last nail in the coffin.

Don’t hold back your feelings

If you want to save your relationship, don’t hold back your feelings and the better option would be to talk to your partner. Although it is very difficult talking about your partner’s possessive behaviour to him or her, but to save your relationship, you will have to make things clear to your partner. Somehow you’ll have to convince your partner that the controlling or dominating nature is making the relationship very toxic and as an individual, you need some breathing space. The best way to do this is that both of you should sit together and talk about the issue very calmly. Taking out anger on each other would make things worse.

Show and express your feelings

For a healthy and successful relationship, it is always important to convey to your partner about how much you feel for him or her. So next time if you notice the possessive behaviour in your partner just give a hug and convey how important the relationship is for you. A hug is comforting and gives one a sense of belongingness.

Involve your partner with friends

Often insecurities are caused because of friends. The partner might think that if you’re spending alone time with a friend then you might be interested in him or her. So in order to keep things normal, it is important for your partner to meet and chill with all your friends whenever possible. This will also take away the fear from the mind and insecurities can be avoided this way.


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