Piyush Mishra Poems That Highlight The Complexity Of Human Relationships

Teaser: From love, life, to one night stands, Mishra speaks the language of the youth

He is an actor, a theater artist; a singer, lyricist, playwright, voice-over artist, and a poet. Piyush Mishra has a charm which captivates everyone. He is loved by the youth because he speaks their language and he has a unique way of evoking the issues that matter.

We have picked the five of our choicest Piyush Mishra poems/songs for you and here’s the list:



Transcend into a different world imagined by Piyush Mishra by listening to this song in his own melodious voice. The song is a beautiful rendition for those in love and who want to escape somewhere far away. Thanks to Hitesh Sonik for an amazing composition.


Tum meri jaan ho Raziya Bee

How often does one write an ode to the sex-worker to whom he lost his virginity? Is it even possible for someone to understand their pain and empathize with them? In this 20-minute long poem, Mishra leaves the listener awestruck.


One night stand

How often can someone write about one night stand and conjure up emotions that transcend the barriers of lust? Piyush Mishra’s poem takes you on a journey of hedonism to spirituality. He connects one night stand with a seeker’s search for God and he does it beautifully.



How does a person addicted to alcohol feel? How does he feel after recovering from alcoholism? What all does he go through? Piyush Mishra takes his own experience and weaves it into magical words. His poem on alcoholism is a lesson for everyone and that is why it is special.



Last but not the least. It is probably one of the most popular coke studio songs and it is also sung by Piyush Mishra. The poem talks about India-Pakistan conflict revolving around the love story of two people who are separated during partition. It is powerful and emotionally stimulating.


Yes, there are many more poems which are loved by the millennials. If you have a Piyush Mishra favourite, do share with us by commenting below the story. If you want to know about his journey and struggles, this video is a must watch for you. Share the story if you too love his work.

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