Paper Clipping – latest Internet fad and you have been part of this

paper clipping

Yet another dating term: paper clipping


There is yet another Internet fad which is doing the rounds these days. After ghosting to breadcrumbing, there is yet another dating term: paper clipping. Yes, we all have been part of this and yet, we have not realised.

So what exactly is paper clipping? 

We have all met people; we have been on dates and then tend to forget all about the person. Now, out of the blue, perhaps when they are all alone, perhaps when they find no one else, they tend to come back and with a message. They seem super interested too and speak about hanging out or chilling, all over again.

Well, they appear, and as soon as you turn around they disappear. It is called ghosting. Paper clipping requires an extra step.

Once you have forgotten about this mediocre person and moved on with your life, there comes another text which says: “hey you!” or “hey, how’s it going?”

Sounds familiar? Well, this, at this very present moment, you have been paperclipped!

This phenomenon came to light when Samantha Rothenberg, an illustrator from New York, rose to fame after her Instagram post which has all the details about exactly what paper clipping. At the time of filing this article, this Instagram post has over 16,000 likes and counting and a couple hundred comments where people are saying, “OH MY GOD YAAASS EVERY GUY/GIRL EVER” thank god, at least this wasn’t just happening to us.

Now, well, it needs to be mentioned here that the person who is pinging you is certainly not interested in you, but is only looking at a back up option just in case things do not work out as planned.

All we need to say is that one deserves to be with somebody they love/like. Please do not compromise and settle for anything less.

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