Off-beat horror movies on Netflix – Here’s a list

Netflix and chill?

There is absolutely no doubt or debate about Netflix being one of the most popular and highly successful streaming platforms for modern and classic movies, blockbuster TV series, as well as a large bouquet of Netflix original programming.
As far as the movies are concerned, Netflix has options for almost every genre and it finds takers across all segments. Also, the library seems to keep changing to keep the audiences engaged at all times and this is what makes it better than the other streaming platforms.
Here, in this article, we take a look at the top 3 off-beat horror movies on the platform – be prepared to be scared.

Final Destination
This movie has an interesting take on the teen slasher genre. It kicks off when a student is on a plane with his friends. He has a vision of the plane exploding minutes after the take-off. He tries to warn the people around him, but instead, is kicked out of the plane. However, his prediction comes out to be true.
Right throughout the movie, there is a danger of death hanging around people and the key challenge is to hoodwink the eventual outcome of death. This movie has perhaps the most inventive death scenes in movie history which makes it a compelling watch.

Creep is a 2014 movie and as the name suggests, it is ridiculously creepy. Produced by Mark Duplass also features in the movie and gives a career-defining performance as both reclusive oddball Josef and the world’s freakiest furry Peachfuzz.
After this movie, he has now become one of the stalwarts of Netflix and has produced a number of superb shows alongside his brother. Creep is one of the best examples of horror-comedy done perfectly.

Under the Shadow
Directed by British-Iranian filmmaker BabakAnvari, Under the Shadow will most certainly scar your subconscious. While at it, it will also throw political commentary and family drama in the mix. It is set in war-torn Tehran and is based around the time of the ‘War of the Cities’. Centred aroundShideh and her young daughter Dorsa, it is a take on the restraints of the Sharia law.

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