Listen woman, here’s how your female friends can make you excel in your career


A recent study has found that women fare better in their professional life when they have got a strong support of female friends. According to a study published in Harvard Business Review, women who have good female friends are more likely to become successful people in life. This means that these women are more likely to become successful professionally and be at top positions and earn good money.

According to a Times of India report, writer Brian Uzzi of this study has said that women who were in the top positions had a female-dominated inner circle of 1-3 women. Those who didn’t have this kind of a circle were not at high positions in a company.

The reason

According to the study, one of the reasons why women with strong female friends are more successful is that they believe in women and take advice from them when in need. There’s no doubt about it than women have to face a lot more challenges than males in any job and if a woman has reached a top position, she knows how many obstacles were laid during her journey, so it is only women who give better advice to other women who are facing the same challenges.

Lesser sexism

Women have to face sexism. Another study has claimed that women with more female colleagues in a team face lesser sexism and also has a sympathetic and strong support group. This group helps a woman to face workplace prejudices and injustices better.

Also in terms of creativity and productivity, women who have a good circle of female friends are likely to be more efficient as there’s less burden on the brain.

They heal better with women

It’s not only about career but women also heal better when female friends have got their back. Since women are much more emotional as compared to men, it is often essential that a woman needs only a woman to express her feelings and speak her heart out. One study has claimed that women with more social connections had better survival rates and responded better to treatment.

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