Important dating red flags you should always keep in mind

Love can be complicated sometimes and when it comes to dating someone, it is important that the partners are open-minded. There may be some habits which the partners might not like but when it comes to the real dating red flags, it tends to be a little more complex than habits, which could easily be passed off as behavioral quirks.

According to a report in The Independent, a red flag can be explained as something your partner does that indicates a lack of interest in the relationship or lack of respect.

So if you really want your relationship to work out, here is a list of dating red flags you should always keep in mind:

No label for the relationship is a bad sign

If you have been dating a person for long or you guys are in a relationship then describing it to other people as ‘just seeing each other’ or ‘hanging out’ is a red flag. Using these words to describe your relationship is considered to be a relationship that is not serious and also almost meaningless.

Relationship experts say that if your partner doesn’t want to label your relation even months after dating then he/she is probably not serious about the relationship.

Not featuring on your partner’s social media account? It could be a worrying sign

If your partner is not posting anything about you on social media accounts then it is probably a red flag and you should sort it out. Experts believe that this means that the partner is unsure about the relationship and is not ready to tell the world that he/she is in a relationship with you. Any insecurity in a relationship can make it sour so it is always better to sort it out.

Not keen to go on dates

It may sound simple, but if your partner is not taking you out on dates then it is a red flag and experts say that it is a sign of one-sided relationship and it means that one partner thinks that the other one is required to do all the work. Both partners being proactive and initiator in a relationship are considered to be people in a healthy relationship. In simple terms, efforts should be from both sides.


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