Here’s how you can throw a good bachelor party

The winters have arrived and so is the wedding season. You have every right to plan a party this season and especially when you are considering planning a bachelor party. Just to give you a heads up don’t plan a bachelor party as it is shown in movies. In our opinion, a bachelor party should be special where you can spend quality time with your close friends.

Here are a few ideas to make the bachelors’ party interesting and memorable:

Fun games

To make your party ideal, fun games should be part of your itinerary. One game that’ll make your party stand apart would be quizzing the bride about her fiancé and asking her what certain things mean to her. And if you want to make the party a little bit spicy, you can just for the truth and dare game.

Hit the spa

Planning for a wedding and other related event can be stressful at times. So why not just visit the spa and get rejuvenated before the big day. You can always gift your friends and yourself a day at a luxury spa. Just spend the day relaxing and having fun with friends.

Pole dance

Who doesn’t like pole dancing? Bachelor party can be made fun by including pole dance. You can train the bride-to-be with some sexy moves holding the pole. This will definitely steam up the things a little bit, but surely people will just enjoy it and open up a bit more.

Costume party

Costume parties can be very exciting. And having a costume party for bachelors can be too much fun. In our generation who wouldn’t want to dress up like Captain America, Spiderman or the Batman. You can get memorable pictures in this theme-based costume party. Just go for it and do something different.

Organise a sleepover

Your friend won’t be able to spend much time with you after marriage. An interesting plan could be by inviting your friend for a sleepover at your place and relive all those fun memories. You can play board games, enjoy delicious food and go through photo albums and school yearbooks. You’ll make good memories out of it.

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