Here’s how watching movies together can save your marriage

In today’s day and age, often it has been observed that marriages are not turning out to be that successful as it used to be. There has been a considerable rise in divorce rates. However, this does not mean that people don’t try to save their marriage; it’s just that maybe things didn’t work because the approach was wrong.


If you are new into marriage and feel things are not working out, then just follow this simple exercise. According to a new study conducted at the University of Rochester, watching relationship-based movies a month and discussing marital issues post-movie can be very good to save the relationship.


After the research was concluded it showed that movie-watching could cut divorce rates in half. Here’s why you should try this method too:


  1. In a new marriage, it is sometimes very difficult to understand your partner. So if you’re watching a relationship-based movie you can take inspiration from the characters like how the on-screen character is handling arguments and fights, this will definitely help you in learning things and keeping your relationship steady.
  2. Watching movies together can also turn into a date. And it can be easily said that new couples really love dates, so if you plan your movie-watching accordingly like there should be popcorn, cosy atmosphere, and a good environment. This will really boost your relationship and you two will learn how to enjoy each other’s company.
  3. It is true that marriage isn’t a fairytale. But for a healthy marriage, communication is important and watching a movie together can bridge the communication gap. You can always discuss things after watching the movie and can talk by taking examples from the movie. Good and healthy communication can save any relation.
  4. Movie method can also make both the partners think about introspection. And if both the partners sit down together and introspect about their behaviour and realise their mistakes, then they’ll improve and as a result, the relationship would be saved.




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