Here’s how graveyard shifts can affect your health badly

graveyard shift

Work hours can be frustrating for anyone, but we live now in such a world where jobs have become more demanding and as a result companies now have 24-hour shifts, which mean employees, have to sometimes work in the dead of the night. Many people take up these jobs because they believe that they can make the nights more productive. However, what they don’t know is that graveyard shifts can cause a lot of problems. Here is what science says:

Sleep disorders
In the recent past, sleep disorders have become common due to erratic lifestyle. But, if you are working in the graveyard shift, then chances are you’ll very soon develop a sleep disorder. The reason is because your body clock will get affected.

Eating habits
When you stay up all night, it is definite that eating habit will change. Midnight snacking is quite bad for health.So if you are staying up all night and eating a full meal then this will impact your digestive health and other health disorders.

Weight gain
If you’re going against your body clock and you continue eating food at odd hours then this will definitely increase your weight and if you continue with this work schedule, then weight loss would be quite difficult to achieve.

Chronic conditions
Staying up late night for a regular period of time can cause chronic health problems like diabetes and blood pressure problems. It can also make it difficult for you to manage these conditions if you keep working in graveyard shift.

Social life
If you will keep working all night then your social life will be affected badly, because the entire day you will sleep and at night you will work, so in such a scenario you won’t get enough time to be socially active. This subtle isolation can disturb your mental health in the long run.

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