Does casual sex impact marriages? New study comes up with interesting findings


Research team collected data from 204 heterosexual, newly married couples

A new study reveals that a person’s point of view regarding premarital sex – which includes one-night stand – could be huge mental block as far as leading a blissful marriage is concerned.
As per this report, the behaviour and response of a person corresponding to uncommitted sexual relationships which happen before marriage can act as a huge factor in determining the course of a marriage – whether or not it will be long term.
“Marital satisfaction generally declines over time, but what we’ve found is that when prior to their marriage, one or both spouses hold generalised beliefs that uncommitted sex is OK, that can contribute to the failure of a marriage,” said the study’s first author Juliana French from Florida State University.
In order to conduct the study, the research team collected data from 204 heterosexual, newly married couples.
As per the collected information, they saw data on the behaviours and attitudes prior to the wedding as well as all the other numerous factors which had an impact on marital satisfaction.
This study revealed that researchers were focused on finding the degree to which people expressed “unrestricted socio-sexual” behaviours, desires and attitudes before their respective marriages. Also, it tried to gauge responses to uncommitted sexual relationships such as one-night stands.
A rather surprising pattern emerged – people who were more unrestricted at the start of the marriages were far more unsatisfied even when they were trying to enter the wedlock.
“What we found most surprising about these results was the fact that both couple members’ socio-sexuality plays an important role in long-term, marital outcomes,” French said.
“We found evidence suggesting that couples who maintain a consistent, satisfying sexual relationship or couples who maintain low levels of stress are buffered against these negative outcomes,” French further reflected.
What are your thoughts on casual sex?

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