All the single ladies: Put your hands up

Last night after I polished off my mousse, wiped away my gin tears and finished screaming into the darkness, I realized that the 20s are kind of the perfect time to not be in a relationship. Because now is not the time to binge watch Netflix and wipe someone else’s piss off the toilet seat. Now is the time for binge drinking gin in the street and falling off the back of mopeds while your bones are still supple enough to knit themselves back together. While it may be scary or even a little lonely if you are single, you can truly have the time of your life. What’s important is the willingness to put yourself out there.

Out of all the fabulously manicured and truly enjoyable girlfriends, there are a disturbing  amount that are completely single. As in, no consistent text flirtations, no Joe Schmo to call on a lonely night, no pending date invitation, no ‘drinks sent over’ meet and greet. Their love life is filled with zilch, nothing!  This growing breed of women is moving cities, not as ‘trailing spouses’ following their man, but in pursuit of their own career growth.  These girls strive in their careers, are loyal friends, and have huge senses of self worth. And yes, they find themselves constantly on the receiving end of the world’s most annoying question “How are you single?”

Today when the clock strikes 12, nothing happens. The Cinderella doesn’t keep holding onto her Prince Charming. There ain’t any damsel in distress. The ladies now believe in breaking the glass ceilings- not fitting into glass slippers. These women today are an inspiration for the world to follow. They are undeterred. They are comfortable in their solitude. They are able to spend the night in bed alone and still sleep soundly. They embrace being alone. They welcome the silence and they are strong enough to not only handle it- but to enjoy it. And they end up the happiest because they have the time to focus on themselves, to act selfish, to figure out what matters to them the most. They stay in touch with their friends instead of drifting apart; pursue their dreams instead of letting them slip away. They are go getters and no guy can side track them. They have cultivated their independence. They are survivors- Improvisers- Intelligent women with means to make a fulfilling life for themselves. They know that love is not meant to be the centre of their universe. It isn’t meant to be the only thing in mind: the reason of waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night. They don’t chase men, they chase hopes and dreams. They chase the future they know they deserve. They wait. They wait till they find someone who makes them feel even stronger than they already are. Someone, who makes them even happier than they already are – even though they are pretty damn happy to begin with – riding solo.

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