All Newly Mothers Counter With These 5 Feelings

New Delhi: Excitement with utter joy catches a woman when she comes to know that she is pregnant. The first motherly feeling has no match. It gives immense blissful happiness. However, the joy dampens when the anxiety of a big responsibility and painful physical changes started taking place in her body.

Here are some feelings that all mothers should recognize:

  1. Joy: Of course the news of commence the new member in the family triggers intense wave of joy in a mother. The joy gives her strength to fight against months of discomfort and anticipation comes full circle with one life-changing introduction.
  2. Fear: Yes, anxiety of physical changes and pains yield short of fear. Sense of responsibility of coming baby started producing some nervousness. The fear is genuine outcome of pregnancy that is why family is advised to keep her happy and keep counseling her.
  3. Exhaustion: Being mom is a 24×7 service. A mother has to be on her toes day in day out. A baby needs every minute care so it is obvious that she would be tired with exhaustion. So, the family must provide helping hands to her in raising the baby.
  4. Pride: Having her own baby in the lap gives immense sense of pride. Becoming mother comes with number of duties and when she successful discharges her duties she gets sense of pride. Each minor milestone achieved by her is not less than a big award for her.
  5. Failure: Success is always associated with the failure. When her baby falls sick or faces trouble, a mother feels like she is losing the battle. It is not easy to work 24×7. In the process of raising the baby sometimes, her patience wears thin and anger boils over.
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