A pill to cure heartbreak! Yes, scientists have come up with a life-saver

A pill to cure heartbreak!

Perhaps the greatest numbing experience for us all is to deal with heartbreaks and yes, we have all looked at alcohol, at different rebound measures which are not necessarily extremely healthy. There is, however, great news in the offing – scientists have discovered that a regular blood pressure pill can help you deal with heartbreak by forgetting about a painful memory.

Dr. Alan Brunet at McGill University in Quebec has conducted a study on around 60 participants who experienced heartbreak and wanted to get it out of their minds. The doctor also made the participants write about their experience in detail.

He then proceeded to use a basic blood-pressure drug called propranolol and asked the volunteers to recall the painful memory while asking personal questions about their existing feelings.

They were then asked to repeat the process four to six times under the influence of the drug – the idea was to reactivate memory to decrease its strength by blocking synapse changes needed to fortify its existence.

Dr. Brunet believes that propranolol has the ability to numb the emotional pain which is then connected with the memory and can be consumed at any time after enduring the heartbreak. The study is completed but the results have not been released and it is awaiting a peer review.

Dr. Burnet states, ‘They were able to turn the page. That’s what they would tell us – ‘I feel like I’ve turned the page. I’m no longer obsessed with this person or this relationship.”

What does propranolol do?

Propranolol helps in stopping proteins in the brain from re-storing the memory in the way it did before, which means that few details of the memory are lost.

So, well, this perhaps is the best possible way to overcome the pains without burying yourself in the bottle! Look around, there is hope!

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