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Many people among us back off just after hearing the term “long distance relationship”. There are many questions which arise in our mind after hearing this. Should I try this? Will the other person ditch me if we are not together? How will I be able to survive so long with this relationship? Moreover, many of us believe that long distance relationship doesn’t work at all and there is no chance that they last long. Everything has its pros and cons and so does long distance relationships have. But that doesn’t mean it cannot work. The only thing that you need is true love for each other.

Relationships are nothing without trust and long distance relationships require even more trust than a regular relationship.

The hardest thing about being in a long distance relationship is that you cannot fill up your schedule so much because you still need to be there for your partner. Spending too much time with your friends (especially opposite sex) can easily lead to jealousy and trust issues.  But this can easily resolve if both the person try to understand each other at that point of time.

Ever since technology has come, it has given lives to many of us directly and indirectly. Technology becomes your best friend when you are in a long distance relationship. No matter you are busy throughout the day, you are going to video call your partner at the end of the day and tell him all the things that happened the whole day with you and people around you. People in a long distance relationship rely heavily on technology to stay connected.

“Long distance relationships that are going to stand the test of time need a plan to end the distance at some point.” Both of you must have a plan for future if you are committed to each other in a long distance relationship.  It’s important to know that you are truly committed to a person before wasting your precious time. Both of you should have a common goal.  Another advice that can be given to last this relationship is that you should do your best to stay out of situations that might make your partner feel uncomfortable or threatened. You don’t need to check in before or get approval for every social interaction with your partner, but you should set clear boundaries and rules that work for both of you and adhere to them. So next time if you think that you cannot be in a long distance relationship, just go through some ideas like these and love your partner just the way you do.

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