50 per cent of women in relationships have a back-up partner in mind

Married women

Married women are more likely to have a second option


There is a startling piece of information all set to roll out here – almost half of all women have a back-up plan in place if they separate from their current partner.

As per a current Daily Mail report, a woman most often than not has another man in mind if she thinks she will face a break-up. As a matter of fact, married women are more likely to have a second option in place when pitted against those who are in a relationship.

Right, then, could well be the fall-back partner? As far as the study is concerned, in most cases it is an old friend, who has harboured feelings for the particular woman. Or in different cases, it could also be an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.

Now, there were around 1,000 women who appeared for the survey and during this, few of them also confessed that Plan B could be somebody whom they have known since as long as seven years. Also, one in ten women also said that their Plan B had already spoken to them about their feelings.

Also, there were four out of the 10 women who said that they were familiar with the other man during their current relationship. Not only this, they also said that their feelings for their back-up plan were more or less equal to the amount they had for the current partner.

Speaking about the survey, a spokesman for online market research company OnePoll.com told Daily Mail, “For our research to establish that 50 per cent of women in relationships have a ‘Plan B’ is a worrying sign. This news may cause a few men in relationships to think twice about not taking the rubbish out or choosing a night down the pub in favour of a cosy night in with his partner.”

Alright, then, men be wary!

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